Despite the occassional interjection of ominous music (shut up Johannsson … there’s plenty of time for your score later!) and an initially drab grey color palette, things seem realistically jovial at this get together. The Dovers (Hugh Jackman + Maria Bello) are celebrating the holiday at the home of the Birches (Terrence Howard + Viola Davis) just down the street — close enough to walk — as they clearly do every year (or perhaps they trade off). The parents are realistically both amused and vaguely annoyed by their children, attentive but ‘don’t bother me’ tired. It’s only when the film leave the homes of the Dovers or Birches that there’s trouble brewing… somethings just off. Why did the movie open with a father/son hunting trip? Why is that strange RV parked on the road? Where did Anna’s (Hugh’s daughter) red emergency whistle go? Are Joy and Anna back yet? The two youngest children just went back to the Dovers to grab that red emergency whistle they wanted to p… ohmygod where are Joy and Anna? MORE, AFTER THE JUMP … The red whistle is not a red herring.

Twilight (coming 10/1) Speaking of detectives, the mystery story Twilight (1998), by Academy Award-winning writer and director Robert Benton, also received very little attention when it was released in 1998 (and now its overshadowed by a much more famous Twilight). Paul Newman stars as a retired detective. He once located the missing daughter of a movie star couple (Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon) and now lives with them, doing odd jobs. One day, a simple errand inadvertently opens up a twenty-year old murder case. Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) spins the mystery with cleverness but places a more tender, observant focus on his characters, deftly balancing humor and pathos. The great cast also includes Stockard Channing, James Garner, and a young, fresh Reese Witherspoon. It was co-written by novelist Richard Russo, whose Nobodys Fool was filmed by Benton four years earlier. The Long Goodbye Another burnt-out detective, Elliott Goulds Philip Marlowe came from the pages of Raymond Chandlers last completed novel, but drastically updated for the 1970s. The mumbling, shambling Marlowe seems lost in a garish world of hippie chicks and potheads and cant even manage to locate cat food for his demanding cat. In The Long Goodbye (1973), he becomes entangled with a murder mystery and a case of a missing husband, two cases that seem increasingly connected. Ultimately, its less about the solution of the mystery than about the crumbling of ideals. Sterling Hayden plays the Hemingway-like husband, and Nina Van Pallandtwho in real life was dating the fake Howard Hughes biographer Clifford Irvingplays his wife. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a very early role as a thug.

My Father Hates Reading The Subtitles In Yoruba Movies – Mercy Aigbe


Why dont you feature in English movies? I did not set out to be more popular in Yoruba movies. To start with, I am a thespian; I am a University of Lagos-trained theatre artiste. I can say it is providence. I get called up by English movie producers but anytime they called me, I was always on set shooting a Yoruba movie. With time, because I am also a producer, I will not limit myself to just producing Yoruba movies. We are working on an English movie titled Taken; we are going on set soon. I started with the English genre; I did some movies before I crossed over to Yoruba and got very popular. I used to tell my husband that when I started with Yoruba, I was not really fluent in the language, not to talk of reading the scripts. But I am good with language and very passionate about my job. With time, I got better and now I am a professional in speaking the language. Is it true that there was a time your father did not want to pay your school fees because you chose acting as a career? My father was of the school of thought that artistes then were layabouts. He actually had something against female artistes because he thought they were promiscuous and that they found it difficult getting married.