It’s a similar story for Ravi Lakkad, who on completing his diploma in disability studies from MacEwan University in Edmonton in June 2013, is working as a community rehabilitation practitioner /disability support worker at Mira Facilitation Centre in Edmonton. “The programme works closely with community agencies, people with disabilities and their families, and government departments, to ensure that graduates are prepared to work in this field. Two field placements also ensured that theoretical understanding is grounded in practical work,” shares Ravi. In most provinces, different level institutions work collaboratively and create a framework that encourages student mobility. Credit transfers are common, allowing students to begin studies at a college and once they meet the academic requirements, they can take a transfer with the credits. Traditionally, the MTV towns, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, were popular with students from India, but in the last few years, students have been opting for institutions in other parts as well. “Canadians have the reputation of being peaceful and welcoming. The country has all the advantages of a developed nation whilst maintaining a low crime rate and less congestion. Compared to other top ranked universities in Canada, University of Saskatchewan has affordable fees and the cost of living in the city is feasible. I live in university residence; I have met students from across the world and it is very safe,” says Sherin McDonald, BSc (double honours) programme, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Internships and collaborative research have also become an integral part of international education. Canada launched the Mitacs Globalink internship programme in 2009 to encourage student mobility. While in 2012 a research network, India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability (ICIMPACTS), was launched to find solutions to community problems. Application tips Step 1 Prepare the supporting documents for your application Note: Documents which are in a language other than English or French must be translated. Ensure that you provide all required documents, including: Letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution Valid passport Financial documents as requested in the application kit, including six months of banking history IELTS test results taken within the last 24 months are strongly recommended as proof of English language proficiency CAQ (if you plan to study in Quebec) – Quebec Acceptance Certificate Step 2 Complete the study permit application: The form can be obtained on the website of the VFS Visa Application Center (see www.vfs-canada

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But the Palestinian minister said he was pleasantly surprised by the reception he received from the Conservative government during his trip. And either I want to stay hostage to actions that have happened and keep the Canadian-Palestinian relationship hostage to such events, he said, or liberate that relationship from what happened and to see if there is any possibility for engagement. Related Youll face consequences from Canada if you take Israel to International Criminal Court: Baird to Palestinians I believe that the Canadian government, that the foreign minister himself, felt that there are common issues with Palestine and there is space that can be developed with Palestine, Mr. al-Maliki added. This week, Mr. Baird announced $5-million to help with economic development in the West Bank, which is on top of $25-million pledged earlier this year. Mr. al-Maliki praised Canadas contributions to Palestinians, both financial and technical, in terms of helping build better government institutions, security infrastructure and education. And while he wasnt prepared to say relations between the Conservatives and Palestinian leaders had reached a turning point, Mr. al-Maliki was confident about their future prospects. I believe it is a really encouraging development, he said.

Canada August Inflation Slows to 1.1% on Mortgages, Drugs

One dollar buys 97.18 U.S. cents. Government bond yields declined with two-year yields falling 2 basis points to 1.23 percent and five year notes by 1 basis point to 2.01 percent. The slower year-over-year total and core inflation rates matched the median estimates in Bloomberg economist surveys. Mortgage interest costs fell 3.6 percent in August from a year earlier while prescribed medicines declined 4.2 percent, according to the report. Major price increases included a 9.5 percent jump in natural gas and a 1.7 percent rise in rental costs. Cheaper Phones On a monthly basis, consumer prices were unchanged in August as clothing costs rose 1.9 percent and telephone services declined 1.7 percent. The core rate climbed 0.2 percent in August from July. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg predicted that monthly prices would rise 0.1 percent and the core rate would increase 0.2 percent. BCE Inc. (BCE) s Bell Canada unit lowered its U.S. roaming fees on mobile devices by 50 percent in response to customer requests, the Montreal-based company said Sept. 16. Seasonally adjusted inflation rose 0.1 percent in August and adjusted core prices were unchanged, Statistics Canada said today.