Hey guys this is synthia, Remember The blonde escorts in London.  I’m back! Did you miss me? Had some amazing things happening this summer which required my full attention. Just so you guys know. I started to work for a London escort agency website GB London escorts  please take a minute to visit my profile on this website. I am still quite busy with a wedding but figured it was high time I made an effort to tell you what I’ve been up to. This blog dates back to april So let me tell you about the golf break.We have been planning this trip to outside of london for some time. The idea was to go away for a couple of nights. The gentleman would play golf while I get myself pampered, then in the evening we’d head out for dinner. The following day we’d venture out a little further and explore the area. Did things go to plan?


We arrived at the hotel in time for lunch. As soon as we saw the bed, that was it. Forget golf, forget spa treatments, forget food, forget sightseeing, forget everything. We only had one thing on our mind! We did manage to go down for dinner, but even that was done rather reluctantly.We both came away exhausted from what was supposed to be a relaxing break.  A couple of days later I booked a day at my usual spa here in London where there were no distractions! Moral of the story,If you want a relaxing break, don’t go away with me! You’ll only come back needing another break!  The word A friend recently asked me what the downfalls of working as an high class London escorts,  I could only think of one visit here . Falling in love with a client. Well we often read on punting forums about gentlemen falling for escorts in London   . The smitten gent is often told by others that the escort girl London in question is only doing her job  by making him feel special. That she probably had little or no feelings for him. That he should try asking her out on an unpaid date and that will confirm she does not feel the same about him when she refuses. I take great offence to this. Not ALL working girls put on an act. Get it right! You will find some of us don’t offer role play. Because we are rubbish actresses that’s why! So how can you fake falling in love, or pretend you are enjoying someone’s company if you don’t like them? I know I would not see someone I didn’t like. Why would I? Money is not the be all and end all. I need to be 100% happy in my work. If I’m not happy, I will not deliver. It’s as simple as that.

No london escort  or client sets out to fall in love… do they? One minute you are minding your own business, enjoying the company of this divine creature, and next you are head over heels. It hits you so suddenly. So what do you do? You fight your feelings. You distant yourself from the person in question. You throw yourself in your other work. You do what it takes to regain control of this out-of-hand situation. Surprised that I could only think of one downfall? So am I! So that’s all for now from Synthia! As you know, I’d been bitten by the ballet bug from the moment ‘A’ had introduced me to this mesmerizing art of dance. Being banned from travelling since my last trip overseas, I’d resigned to the idea that I’d have a long wait to visit las vegas to see strip tease dance.  say’s jamelia ” I was longing for the all clear to travel. Having discussed it with a few friends , some of them are not particularly interested in ballet I’d managed somehow to talk them into going to USA with me next year. We’d wait until the end of the year before going ahead and making the flight bookings.

Imagine my delight when I received an email alert saying bunny ranch las vegas escorts are coming to London  for striptease dance, . I could barely contain the excitement. Arrangements were made, and so began the counting down of weeks, days, and eventually hours and minutes.To say I was excited would be the understatement of the century. Full house as expected but for one seat. I have to say, the performance was mind-blowing. Until you have seen the Bolshoi perform, you’ve not really lived!