Their platonic friendship (yes, platonic!) is rendered with great humor, poignancy and dignity. Michael OSullivan (No rating) The Wizard of Oz 3D IMAX (PG) Seeing The Wizard of Oz on the big screen also offers an opportunity to consider the incredible special effects, considering the film was shot more than seven decades ago and long before computer-generated imagery. The black-and-white scenes of Dorothy battling against the wind as a twister approaches were especially transporting. Stephanie Merry 1/2 Wadjda (PG) Youre seeing a world on screen that, until now, has been largely hidden from the filmgoing world at large. Because in addition to being a terrific garden-variety coming-of-age film, Wadjda happens to be the first feature-length movie ever made in Saudi Arabia all the more notable in that its been made by a woman, about a young girl chafing against the religious and social strictures of a kingdom literally shrouded in sexual anxiety, misogyny and severe repression. Ann Hornaday 1/2 Salinger (PG-13) While much of the movie consists of variations on this same theme that Salinger was a brilliant, flawed man the film also delves into more salacious matters, including the role of Catcher in the shootings of Ronald Reagan, John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer (gunmen John Hinckley Jr., Mark David Chapman and Robert John Bardo were all fans of the novel). Stephanie Merry The Henchmans War (Unrated) Greene, a native Washingtonian with a handful of local directorial and co-producing credits on his resume, has an eye for urban grit and an ear for tough-guy dialogue. He makes excellent use of his shadowy locations, lending War the coveted visual grime that enhances such pulp-noir material. Sean OConnell 1/2 Battle of the Year (PG-13) Lee is attempting to keep a spotlight shining on b-boy culture, an aggressive style of street dancing that consists of body-contorting twists, flips, leaps, spins and poses set to hip-hop music. Lee showcased this next level of competitive breakdancing in his award-winning 2008 documentary Planet B-Boy , and a feature film building on that awareness makes complete sensejust not five years later, when the fad appears to have faded. Sean OConnell My Lucky Star (Unrated) Bringing Sophies comics to life, the movie interjects drawings and animated sequences. The camera spins excitedly, and the editing is brisk. Split-screen compositions evoke the 1960s, as do Sophies pop-art ensembles, which include a lilac wig with matching lipstick. This girlie romp is less about martial arts and espionage than stuffed animals and dress-up. Mark Jenkins 1/2 Good OlFreda (PG) Ryan White weaves in archival footage of girls fainting and images of old headlines. The soundtrack consists primarily of Beatles covers. While the tales of the bands spectacular rise create a genial mood, the film feels superficial. Kelly can be cagey, and when a voice offscreen asks if she ever dated any of the guys, she demurs, saying, Thats personal. Stephanie Merry 1/2 Ip Man: The Final Fight (PG-13) The showiest action sequence involves lion dancers who battle atop high wooden posts. The grittiest and final one sends Ip to save one of his former pupils, whos risked fighting for money inside the gangster-controlled Kowloon Walled City.

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First, the service works on computers only, meaning no mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You will download the program to your desktop or laptop. (However, the company has plans for both iOS and Android apps, spokesman Eric Gonzalez told us.) Second, you really have to watch the ads to prove it throughout the viewing period. Miss a prompt and you’ll have to start over. Privacy may also be a concern, and if that’s the case for you, you’d be better off paying money to watch movies and TV. ] Because you’re “paying” by watching ads, you’ll need to submit personal information to the site that HitBliss then shares with participating advertisers. The more information you’re willing to give, the faster you’ll earn credits. HitBliss offers three levels, from “Earn slower” to “Earn fastest.” To earn at the fastest rate possible, you’ll give access to your location (IP address), Web browsing history and Web search history, as well as age, gender, income bracket, education level and the ages of your children if you have them. Watching ads at the highest earning level means you’ll accrue credits about two times faster than those who disclose only their name and associated email. The HitBliss selection is pretty good, especially if you prefer current hits and some popular classics, such as “Lord of the Rings” and “The Godfather” no Netflix -styleindependent films here. The company has agreements with Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount and others. As for TV, again the offering is good. HitBliss has the first three seasons of AMC’s ” The Walking Dead ,” seasons 1, 4 and 6 of “The Big Bang Theory” and many other popular shows. You can browse all of HitBliss’ listings and then decide if it’s worth a few minutes to earn viewing credits. Compared with Netflix and HuluPlus, at $8 apiece per month, you may find HitBliss is a good value and at a minimum, you’re less likely to succumb to binge viewing.

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