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Russia accuses U.S. of ‘blackmail’ over Syria chemical weapons surrender deal

of ‘blackmail’ over Syria chemical weapons surrender deal By ANI | ANI 23 minutes ago Recommend More London, Sept. 23 (ANI): Russia has accused the United States of trying to blackmail it during negotiations over what to do about Syria’s chemical weapons. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West is attempting to use a UN resolution over chemical weapons to pave the way for military action. According to Sky News, he claimed the U.S. was threatening to stop work on implementing Syria’s chemical disarmament deal unless Russia supports a UN Security Council resolution allowing military intervention. He said that the West was trying to push through a resolution under Chapter VII, adding that, if they were successful, they would try and move the chemical weapons convention aside to advance individual, personal or geopolitical, state ambitions, the report said. He said resolution under Chapter VII, which authorised the use of force, contradicts his agreement with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Russia has put forward a plan to bring Syria’s chemical weapons under international control in response to calls for action to be taken. Syria has agreed but the final plan is still to be worked out and is subject to a degree of ratification by the United Nations. According to the report, under the plan, Syria has time until 2014 to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile, but the US, Britain and France want the order underpinned by UN charter’s Chapter VII. Chapter VII allows for sanctions or even military intervention in the event that an order is not carried out. (ANI)