UK clears Zanu PF political activities

citizens in an investigation of suspected terrorism in Syria. Mohommod Hassin Nawaz, 29, and Hamza Nawaz, 22, were arrested last week as they arrived at the British port of Dover from France. Police seized ammunition at the time. Ruth Eglash and William Booth Deadly weekend attacks by Palestinians elicit strong reactions from some senior Israeli officials. Kenyan forces rescue most hostages from Nairobi mall Sudarsan Raghavan and Greg Miller Kenyan security forces have swept into the mall in an effort to end a standoff with assailants that left at least 68 dead and more than 175 hurt. Michael Birnbaum Voters cement her status as one of Germanys longest-serving and most influential post-World War II leaders. Police said Sunday the two have been charged with conspiring to attend a terrorist training camp and with the unlawful possession of five rounds of ammunition. Nawaz also was charged with possessing a computer containing documents or records useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. The two will appear at a London court Monday. The U.K. government has expressed concerns about Britons going to Syria to join anti-government rebels. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

UK watchdog accuses retailers of fixing sports bra prices

DB Apparel, Debenhams and House of Fraser rejected the OFT’s allegations, while John Lewis said it “strives to operate within the law and comply with regulations.” The OFT alleges the four companies infringed competition law by entering into resale price maintenance agreements, setting fixed or minimum resale prices for sports bras in the popular Shock Absorber range. “These alleged agreements had the aim of increasing the retail prices of DBA’s Shock Absorber brand of sports bras in each of the three department stores,” the OFT said. It said that during the three years in question the Shock Absorber range had a UK market share of about 15 percent. “The OFT takes allegations of price-fixing seriously. Resale price maintenance limits competition between retailers and can lead to consumers paying higher prices,” said Ann Pope, OFT Senior Director of Services. She said no assumption should be made at this stage that there had been an infringement of competition law. “We will carefully consider the parties’ representations to the (OFT’s) Statement of Objections before deciding whether competition law has in fact been infringed.” DB Apparel refuted the OFT’s allegations. “We have been transparent with UK authorities since the beginning of this process and will continue to defend ourselves vigorously in this investigation,” it said. Debenhams said it also disputed the OFT’s provisional findings. “The matter is being dealt with by external lawyers,” said a spokesman. Its shares fell as much as 1.6 percent on Friday.

epa03871453 A rescue worker climbs across a line to help trapped people in Chailpanchingo, Mexico, 17 September 2013. According to media reports, Hurricane Ingrid was downgraded to a tropical storm but continued to pour heavy rain over eastern Mexico, where it killed at least 34 people.  EPA/LENIN OCAMPO TORRES

Mugabe’s Zanu PF party free to set up structures in UK Take Mugabe ‘with pinch of salt’: UK ZANU PF has assured its supporters in the United Kingdom that athey donat need to operate under the radara after assurances from the British government that they will not be targeted. An interim Zanu PF executive in the United Kingdom led by Nick Mangwana claims aa lot of cadres were persecuted in machinations led by their own regime change countrymen who campaigned for their deportation and expulsion.a aThose in public service jobs nearly lost them, and some lost them. Those in academic research had grants and funding withdrawn,a Mangwana said on Sunday. But after engagement with the UK Foreign Office, Mangwana said they now had written reassurances that they can hold public meetings and canvass without being targeted. He explained: aAssurances were initially given verbally but at our insistence for written assurances, details of the leadership were sought. It was only then that the policy statement was sent to the chairman of the steering committee assuring that the British government has no problem with Zanu PF operating from the heartland of Europe. aAfter many years of threats, covert and overt retributive actions against people who were perceived to be Zanu PF supporters and cadres, the British government has now given its assurance for their protection.a In a letter to the Zanu PF interim executive, Mark Simmonds, Britainas Minister for Africa, said: aYou asked whether there would be any objections to Zanu PF activity here in the UK. AThere would be no bar on your activities here in the UK, providing they do not contravene UK law, as is the case for any political party.a Simmonds further asked the Zanu PF executive to meet with Richard Croker, the Head of the Zimbabwe Unit at the Foreign Officeas Africa Department Central ato discuss the issues you have raiseda. Mangwana said: aThe steering committee wishes to extend this assurance to cadres that they donat need to operate under the radar. It’s okay to join the very fashionable Zanu PF UK openly.a Relations between the Zanu PF-led Zimbabwe government and former colonial power Britain remain frosty. Mugabe and nine other officials remain on European Union sanctions which he says were instigated by Britain which was angry with his land reform policy, but the UK accuses Mugabe of election fraud and rights abuses.

New PMI Figures Show UK Manufacturing Rapidly Gaining Ground

The industry, which makes up 10 percent of the UK economy, has regained 2.5 years of ground lost in the financial crisis. The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), a measure of manufacturing growth tracked by European economic analysis group Markit, reached 57.2 in the latest survey. The metric, which uses 50 as baseline economic stability and anything greater than 50 as an indication of growth, is used to assess worldwide industry activity. August was the fifth month in a row in which the UK manufacturing sector grew, and one of the fastest periods of growth on record. Orders from UK manufacturers are at their highest level of growth since the early 1990s, according to the data. Rob Dobson, a senior executive at the data vendor, commented that UK-based plants are booming again. The data from Markit has been backed by similar surveys from other financial firms, reinforcing the belief that UK manufacturing is on the rise. Dobson continued to state that orders and output are growing at the fastest rates for almost 20 years, and that rising demand from customers based within the UK was driving the economy forward, alongside Eurozone trading partners. The EEF, a UK-based trade group specialising in manufacturing, confirmed that UK manufacturing was on the rise. The trade group has revised its predictions for the remainder of the year upwards, believing that the surge in manufacturing activity will continue into 2014. For UK-based manufacturing firms, its good news. For the economy as a whole, and particularly the tens of thousands of skilled manufacturing staff made redundant at the peak of the financial crisis, the industrys return to form is great news indeed. September 3, 2013 – 10:16 am Economy , Manufacturing 208 views economy , factories , manufacturing , pmi About Author